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welding welder/fitter/fabricator weld cutting various salt stainless stick steel refractory conveyors vacuum tig overhead furnace
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Philip Detore - Resume

Employment History

04-07 - 02-10

Kowalski Heat Treating

Cleveland, Ohio


  • Job duties include changing oil and filters on all vaccum furnaces roughing and booster pumps. Change belts, Greased fittings and door seals, find and fix air or coolant leaks.
  • Repair oven elements or vacuum furnace graphite/moly electrodes.
  • Added air lines and electrical outlets all over plants 1,2,3,and 4. Thread pipe, bent conduit, anchored unistrut.
  • Installed a refurbished salt line comletely including an overhead crane, salt pit, marquench, rinse tanks, catwalks, air, and electrical.
  • Fabricate baskets for the salt lines parts from 308 stainless round.
  • Rebuild ten-bar vacuum furnace hot zone using stainless steel.
  • Rebuilt Heat exchanger mezzanine, added catwalk, ladder, set up outside for nitrider.

01-06 - 04-07


Wickliffe, Ohio


  • Job duties include fabricating job parts, grinding, beveling, blasting, fitting, welding various products such as jack hammer brackets for the mining, construction, and rock crushing industry.
  • Ran burn beveler for various weld projects.
  • Cutting and welding techniques include Plasma Cutting, Carbon arc, torch cutting, Spray arc mig, fluxcore, stick and tig for repairing under cutting
  • Unload flat steel from trucks using overhead cranes.

10-04 - 01-06


Valley City, Ohio


  • Fabricate, fit, and weld industrial conveyors for Goodyear truck and passenger tires from blueprints.
  • My specialty here became the curved conveyors called noseovers.
  • Cut to length, layout, magdrill, punch, fit, weld columns, header, and flange steel.
  • Fluxcore, mig and stick welding horizonal and vertical up.
  • Road work installing columns, header steel, conveyors, catwalks, staircases, ladders, and hand rails using tow motors, hoists, and portable cranes.

04-04 - 10-04

Inland Refractories

Avon, Ohio


  • Stripped and rehabbed tundish covers.
  • Constructed a refractory lance curing tower.
  • Built from blueprints steel molds for refractory ladle bottom.

09-02 - 04-04


Sandusky, Ohio


  • Fab, fit, and weld from prints various high temp ovens, conveyors, and conveyor ovens.
  • Cutting and welding techniques include carbon arc, torch cutting, plasma cutting, mig, fluxcore, stick welding.
  • Tig welding on stainless hardware located on the doors of ovens.



General Equivalence Diploma

Lorain, Ohio